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  • QUESTION: DOES YOUR SCHOOL PRODUCE CULTURALLY AWARE STUDENTS? ARE STUDENTS MINDFUL TOWARDS OTHERS? RESPONSES : "Yes" "No. Kids here are ignorant and constantly say ignorant things and the school thinks having one bison summit will fix it all. The only thing they constantly acknowledge and address are things about Judaism and the holocuast which are important, but ignore the rest of the student body. "I feels like the majority of kids are but too many aren’t" "I think most of the students are already mindful towards others, not necessarily as a result of the school ." QUESTION : HOW HAS THE NEW SCHEDULE AFFECTED YOU? RESPONSES: "Can’t go to academy for half of my classes because I have sixth period biology. When I can, the academies are after my morning classes that I may have a test for on the same day. "im stressed!! im always tired. my anxiety and depression has spiked. my adhd meds now wear off before school even lets out" "Basically, i have 25 minutes to do homework when I have at least 3 hours worth of homework in the day. This is if I don’t need to get help from a teacher which I most of the time do. I go to bed late because I have an after school sport and no time between school and the sport to do my work, and the whole time I spend at Home is doing homework. I don’t procrastinate and I do everything right away, but I only get an average of 6 hours of sleep a night as I also have to wake up early. Therefore, I feel as if this schedule has negatively affected my learning as this loss in sleep affects my ability to learn, I feel as though I have less time to do what I want which causes more stress, and I feel that the schedule has not helped me to further my education and seek the help I need." "It took time to get used to but now it’s not too bad but academy is still a flop and it’s crowded always and there’s no where to go if you don’t have an academy to go to bc those are all crowded too" "It isn't too bad for me because i do not need academy but the day is unnecessarily longer."